Thursday, September 10, 2009



when you want something,
fight for it
the best things in life don’t come easily.

the sound of your heart beating is the best lullaby;
it reminds me the love is real in your heart too,
so i can sleep easy tonight,

and now i've put my heart in it , it was a
risk i didnt know if i was willing to take
but i did it – so now my fates in your
hands syg & syg please dont break i .

i never found anyone who could love me for me,
love my flaws & love my perfections,
love the good things i did & love my mistakes,
love being with me & miss me as much as i miss u,
love me when i look my best & love me a mess,
i never found anyone who could love all of me,
& then i found you syg,

when i first saw you i already knew,
that there was something inside of you.

You’ve given me reasons to smile
& good times to laugh about,
but most of all you’ve given me
memories i could never forget.

and one way i can tell if i’ve
fallen in love is if no matter where
am i, i always look for u first.

everyday i wake up with this ache in my heart,
i either jump out of bed becuase im gunna see you or
i sleep in becuase i know when i wake up your not gunna be there.

i will be, all that you want -
cus you keep me from falling apart.

luv u syg

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